Samsung Electronics chip market share in the world's second

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The gap between chip giant Intel and Samsung Electronics between how much? Many people may just stop for Samsung Impression mobile phones, but in fact, Samsung Electronics chip production in the global market has occupied the second place from the world's first Intel only a step away. According to a latest industry released August 26 data show that in the global chip market share, South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics with rival Intel in the second quarter reached a minimum gap.

According to the latest survey data provided by IHS foreign authorities show that the total global market in the first half of 2015, Samsung's sales reached $ 10.3 billion, a market share of 12 percent, while Intel's sales are to $ 11.7 billion, a market share of 13.6%. This is Samsung's first gap less than two percentage points with Intel in the chip market share.

The electronic chip sales of Samsung's global market share for the first time accounted for 12% of sales for the second largest in the world and achievements, marking the South Korean technology companies first-quarter chip sales over 10 billion US dollars. Samsung smaller local rivals SK Hynix with 4.9% market share followed, after the United States Qualcomm got 4.5% of the market share. The Samsung's performance so Intel had to look askance, but it also means that Samsung is likely in the next 3--5 years chasing comment Intel's sales, becoming the world's first electronic chip manufacturers.

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