Post conflict minerals due diligence IPC White Paper

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August 28, 2015, Illinois Bannockburn - Dodd-Frank Act requires the use of conflict minerals reporting regulations, for many companies is not a small burden. To solve this problem plagued the entire industry, IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries ® released IPC-1081 "White Paper on conflict minerals due diligence" (referred IPC WP-1081), to guide enterprises to actively respond to this problem.

White Paper by the IPC E-30 Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Committee was developed, developing internal conflict minerals compliance program guidance for the electronics industry to provide examples. In addition, the white paper also cited a tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold specific application case in electronic products.

IPC WP-1081 also how to require suppliers to provide compliance with some effective methods, tools and methods to help enterprises and suppliers to establish effective partnerships to achieve the purpose of the effective implementation of the compliance program.

E-30 Committee Co-Chair, Dolby Laboratories Energy and Environmental Compliance Officer engineer David Carnevale said: "IPC-1801" White Paper on conflict minerals due diligence "for the due diligence to declare related businesses to develop internal compliance program provides a practical valid template, the Commission brings together multiple resources to fill gaps in the implementation of compliance, but there are still some ambiguities. "

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